We  are  a  full  line  bakery,  making  everything  from  cakes  to  donuts  to  cookies  to brownies  and  some candy.  We have popular items in each of the categories and are known for certain things as well.

We also offer a large variety of donuts and breakfast pastries that often fly off the shelf when on the busiest of mornings. We have everything from plain glazed donuts to our delicious cinnamon Persians or our blueberry cake donuts. As for our pastries, we offer apple fritters, fruit danishes, and pecan stickey buns.

If you aren’t looking for donuts then come in and try some of our signature items that we are known for. Our  signature  item  in  the  bread  line  is  Crown  Bread  which  is made in the  shape  of  a  crown  and  can  be  broken  into  12  servings.  As for our bars, we  are  the  only  bakery  in  the  city  to  make  old  fashioned  Princess  Bars (black  seedless  raspberry  in  the  middle  of  a  heavy  coconut  streusel).  In the line of tea cookies, Uncle  Joe’s  Butter  Cookies  are  still  handmade  and  light  enough  to melt  in  your  mouth.  And newest to our line of delectable items is our homemade fudge that come in a variety of flavors.

We have a little something for everyone and want you to come in and see for yourself!